KeyWinds Quintet

In an effort to share their music with a younger audience, the KeyWinds Quintet has created a fabulous show designed for High School students.  Not only does the show highlight the talents of the KeyWinds Quintet, but also the musical abilities of Norma Pannell, flutist and Peter Gillespie, percussionist, who join us in some of the pieces.  The musicians introduce their individual instruments and provide a historical and evolutionary overview complete with visual and performance examples.  The Quintet's composer-in-residence, Yvonne Gillespie, discusses the art of musical composition and the various challenges facing the composers of the works being performed.  Discussions of absolute versus programmatic music introduce the students to the different approaches of composers with specific references to the repertoire being performed.  This discussion is augmented by comprehensive musical exerpts demonstrating these compositional approaches and the concert finishes with a performance of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition.

KeyWinds is currently accepting bookings for 2021.  Please contact Yvonne or Margaret for more information:

High School Concerts