A Day in the Forest


Oh no!  It is starting to rain!  Listeners can close their eyes and listen to the orchestra create a musical rain shower.  Are they tempted to dance in the rain?

Once the rain stops, the children will hear the story about a singing porcupine, Percy, who gets a sore throat and can no longer sing.  He misses being able to make music and thinks that his days of music making are over.  But, he soon finds out that there are other ways of making music other than singing!

Next, the children will hear the buzzing of pesky mosquitoes and blackflies.  Hopefully no one will get bitten!

Then along comes the amusing story of WALTER, the Moose who can’t seem to keep out of trouble when he visits the big city.  If the orchestra has access to any young children, the music to this story can be complemented by ten budding musicians who play some very unusual instruments out in front of the orchestra (no previous musical experience necessary).

It has really been an exciting day in the forest but before everyone heads home they get to clap and stomp as they march out of the forest to an arousing finale which finishes the show with a bang!

Child Tested and Guaranteed!

All of the material in A DAY IN THE FOREST show has been child-tested and is guaranteed to please children aged four to fifteen but will be enjoyed by all those who are young at heart!  Your listeners will be completely captivated as they listen to the wonderful original music and engaging narration!

The descriptive music has been written to enhance the exciting stories and poetry by complementing the action and moods.  Many of the different instruments of the orchestra are highlighted in the music, especially the percussion section, and this gives the children an opportunity to learn about the orchestra.


These are all very engaging and highly animated works which have been scored for narrator and Full Orchestra (double woodwinds, two French horns, two trumpets, two trombones, tuba, 8/8/6/6/4 strings, timpani and two percussionists)  OR  for Chamber Orchestra (single woodwinds, two French horns, a trumpet and trombone, 4/4/3/3/2 strings, timpani and two percussionists).  The show is one hour in duration.

Feel free to request a perusal score from the composer, Yvonne Gillespie via email, gillespie@zeal.ca or by phone (250) 701-3324.  The extra instruments required are also available from the composer.


A Complete Children’s Show

for Narrator and Orchestra

Music and Stories

by Yvonne Gillespie

Poetry by Peter Gillespie

Presenting a fun-filled show

for Dramatic Voice and Orchestra

for your Children’s Series!

The concert begins with a lively MARCH as the audience begins their hike into the forest.  The foot-stomping rhythms help jump-start the children’s musical imaginations as they begin their day in the forest.  

The story of CLARISSA, the Squirrel follows and the children will love her laughable antics as she finds many treasures in the forest and tries to stuff them all into her little home.

Fun puzzle pages, delightful colouring pictures, crafty word searches relating to the stories and poetry from the show are available free of charge for publication in the performance program or educational package.