A Day in the Life


A Day in the Life was conceptualized as an exploration in harmony, melody, rhythm, and form utilizing both traditional and contemporary compositional techniques.

The harmonic material was derived from traditional triadic structures removed from their traditional reliance on key and mode.  Each triad was utilized independently with no predetermined harmonic significance.  Musical direction was produced spontaneously by the free interaction of the triads.  The construction of melody was related to this non-functional triadic principle.  No longer confined to a specific mode, melody could explore chromatic possibilities with unusual freedom while being supported by simple triadic movement.

Rhythmic exploration included the combination of primitive additive rhythm with a deliberate compositional technique where the layering of seemingly contradictory rhythmic motifs created a unified whole.  The rhythms are in flux, contradicting and then reinforcing each other, creating sometimes unexpected results.

Instrumentation:  String Quartet

Duration:  18 minutes