This single movement work consists of three quasi-programmatic sections associated with the life of a spider:

1)     building a web… construction gets underway as the violoncello and piano work together, melodic material presented initially by the violoncello with a rhythmic supportive accompaniment, and then later the piano takes over the job.  The entire musical structure is constantly being added to and developed until the musical fabric is quite dense and the web complete.

2)     waiting for the fly… the transparent web is represented by the stacked fifths of the open piano chords which support an enticing and mesmerizing melody performed by the violoncello.  There are moments when the fly becomes somewhat impatient, but the song of seduction must continue.

3)     celebrating the catch… a fly is caught and consumed, and the festivities begin!  Extremely rhythmic melody and accompaniment prevail throughout this section of the work, creating an energetic and “off beat” musical dance.  Additive rhythmic presentations of three and four note groupings are paramount, with unexpected accents and dynamic contrasts, and the result is an exciting and celebratory finale!

Instrumentation:  Violoncello and Piano

Duration:  10 minutes

Performed by Caroline Szram, violoncello and Yvonne Gillespie, piano