Copycat was written for the Coulter and Hargrove Marimba Duo from Vancouver, BC.   It is an animated single movement work where imitation plays an important part in melodic, harmonic, and structural creation and development.

The compositional language is derived from both traditional and contemporary harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic principles and techniques.  An important characteristic of the harmonic and melodic language is the use of the two whole tone scales and the different intervals and triads which can be derived from them.  Musical material is then constructed from the numerous possible progressions and patterns of the intervals and triads.  Imitation of melodic or harmonic elements is not limited to direct repeats but rather is continually developing and expanding.

Complementing the harmonic and melodic language is the utilization of additive and traditional rhythmic presentations.  In the construction of both melody and accompaniment, rhythmic alternations of two, three, or four beat groupings provide the motivation for musical expression.  The resultant effect is spontaneous rhythmic energy.

Instrumentation:  Two Marimbas

Duration:  6 minutes