Dazzle was inspired by an earlier work of the composer, RAZZLE, which was written four years prior.  Despite the extensive development of the six note ostinato pattern in Razzle, the composer found herself with numerous ideas for further development and decided to write a companion piece which is related in many ways to the original.  Like in Razzle, Dazzle utilizes a similar six note motive but the pattern has been modified intervallically and, instead of forming a rhythmic bass ostinato, the motive is now utilized predominantly as melodic material against a new rhythmic pattern which accompanies.  Although this companion piece draws much of its seminal material from Razzle, the musical ideas are constantly developed and expanded to produce a unique work which would appropriately follow a performance of Razzle yet can be presented as an independent piece.

The score is available for rental or purchase from the Canadian Music Centre (416) 961-6601 or visit http://www.musiccentre.ca.

Instrumentation:  Piano

Duration:  5.5 minutes