Grinding Steel


This composition is a very effective combination of spoken voice and descriptive orchestral music based on the following poem “Grinding Steel” by Peter Gillespie.  Also available in a version for spoken voice and piano.

     Grinding steel in drizzling rain,

     while clouds of steam temporarily block vision

     of street’s misty light filtering down, down, down,

     through dark empty night.

     Surge of power to life line

     begins journey through distant times,

     another groan lets out before one final stroke

     embarks ground’s trail on final flight.

     Labouring long and arduously

     achieving end far, far away to see

     humbling incomprehensible mass,

     screeching, meshing metal minds of fright.

     All too soon project’s vision gone,

     deafening peace, serenity, emptiness around,

     obscure beam still burns bright

     through imperceptible, vacant, empty sight.

     While back away silence looms like death,

     inertia cuts through black of stone

     over trusses feathers call home

     by way of moonlit scent, helplessly alone.

     In the corner of a dream,

     cherished rumble preceding whistle,

     distant waves bring closer thoughts

     security to drift aloft.

     Heart’s content to hear the lull

     wind brings gently over sill,

     toward subconscious sense to feign

     content once more from passing train!


Duration:  7 minutes