Music in the Wind


Music in the Wind is a single movement work which was written for submission to the World Cello Congress III and contains six separate violoncello parts.  The composition was inspired by the music that the wind makes as it passes through trees and seeks to emulate the unpredictable and spontaneous aural sensation.

The work is predominantly harmonic in nature and polychordal through the use of stacked major and/or minor triads.  These triads are presented in free progressions in a state of continual modulation.  The six voices continually enter and exit from the web of music, each being just one part of the whole.  The music gradually rises in intensity until around midway through the work when a lonely melody is heard.  After several of these solo melodic strains, the wind takes back over and continues with the musical fabric until it finally dies away into silence.

Instrumentation:  Violoncello Orchestra

Duration:  11 minutes