Rumours, written for string quartet and piano, explores the realm of perpetual variation.  Much like a rumour which evolves as it is told from person to person, this piano quintet exploits the related possibilities in the development of melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic aspects in music.  In addition, the progressive relationship among the movements is important as the entire work develops from the primary musical material.

The compositional language is derived from both traditional and contemporary harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic principles and techniques.  An important characteristic of the harmonic language is the independent use of triadic structures which have been removed from their traditional reliance on key and mode.  The chromatic triads are utilized independently with no predetermined harmonic significance and musical direction is then produced by the creation of various new progressions and patterns of the triads.

The construction of melody is related to this non-functional triadic principle and freely follows the predetermined harmonic patterns.  Complementing the harmonic and melodic language is the utilization of additive and traditional rhythmic presentations.  In the construction of both melody and accompaniment, rhythmic alternations of two or three beat groupings provide the motivation for musical expression.  The result effect is spontaneous rhythmic energy.

Instrumentation:  Piano Quintet

Duration:  19 minutes

Performed by the Composers' Orchestra, Toronto, Ontario