Square Peg, Round Hole


If you have the feeling when listening to this single movement work that the melodies and their accompaniments do not quite seem to fit a typically regular recurring beat, then the objective behind its creation has been realized.  This is an offbeat and playful composition which explores the displacement and augmentation or diminution of motivic, rhythmic, and melodic ideas in order to achieve irregular and constantly changing rhythmic groupings of two and three notes.  Accents and sudden changes of direction contribute to the metric diversity and complement the offbeat environment.  All of the instruments play an integral part in presenting the musical material and each must insure their synchronized participation in the overall musical texture.  Despite the unpredictability of the metrical presentation, the music still manages to achieve a lively and unified presentation which bumps and bounces to the end.

Instrumentation:  Saxophone Quartet

Duration:  5 minutes

Performed by the UBC Saxophone Quartet