Surrender and Faithfulness     


This collection of two works was commissioned by the Infinitus Trio of Vancouver, BC for performance in a Church on January 18, 2009.  The ensemble chose two Hymns which were provided for inspiration for the two new works, “I Surrender” and “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”

Surrender explores the minor and major seconds presented as auxiliary motions in the melody of the Hymn.  The tempo is slow and the presence of a steady pulse is masked by the varied entrances of the violin and viola which present an imitative dialogue.  Much of the original melody of the Hymn is present albeit in a highly rhythmically augmented form.

In a similar manner to the first work, Faithfulness mutates the melody of the original Hymn by augmenting the rhythm and exploiting the characteristic melodic intervals.  Pizzicato, tremolo, and sustained chords provide textural contrasts throughout.

Instrumentation:  String Trio – violin, viola, and violoncello

Duration:     Surrender – 4 minutes

                   Faithfulness – 3 minutes