Peter is an incredibly spontaneous and imaginative poet who creates powerful and vivid word presentations that are picturesque, deeply though provoking, and often humorous.  His insightful musings about his own world and the world around him, coupled with a keen and unpredictable sense of humour, will move, inspire, and entertain the reader as they discover, explore, and consider something completely new.  This collection contains eighty-six of Peter’s poems arranged by subject into six chapters:  Nature, Experience, Thoughts, Memories and Love, Humour, and Christmas.


A Collection of Poetry

by Peter Gillespie

Paperback Book (2014)

149 pages (acid-free paper)

8.5 inches height x 5.5 inches width

Price:  $11.99 CDN

Digital Kindle Book

Price:  $8.68 CDN


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