In an effort to share their music with a younger audience, the KeyWinds Trio has created a fabulous show designed for High School students.  Not only does the show highlight the talents of the KeyWinds Trio, but also the musical abilities of Norma Pannell, flautist and Peter Gillespie, percussionist, who join us in some of the pieces.  The musicians introduce their individual instruments and provide a historical and evolutionary overview complete with visual and performance examples.  The Trio's composer-in-residence, Yvonne Gillespie, discusses the art of musical composition and the various challenges facing the composers of the works being performed.  Discussions of absolute versus programmatic music introduce the students to the different approaches to composition with specific references to the repertoire being performed.  This discussion is augmented by comprehensive musical exerpts demonstrating these compositional approaches and the concert finishes with a performance of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition.

KeyWinds is currently accepting bookings for 2025 and 2026.  Please contact Yvonne or Margaret for more information.

KeyWinds Trio

Program for Youth

Program for Children


A Complete Children's Show for your Children's Series or Festival

presented by the KeyWinds Trio plus friends!

Music and Stories by Yvonne Gillespie and Poetry by Peter Gillespie

The concert begins with a lively PRELUDE full of foot-stomping rhythms to help jump-start the children’s musical imaginations as they begin their day at the farm.  This is a clever set of variations on, you guessed it, Old McDonald Had a Farm!  

The story of HENRIETTA, the Cow follows and the children will love her laughable antics as she paints the rumps of the farm animals blue.

Cluck, cluck, what do you hear?  Listeners have an opportunity to guess that the animals being described in a short piece of music are chickens.  

Look up, way up, and watch the HULLABALOO in the clouds; wonderfully descriptive poetry and music will let the listener’s minds soar as they imagine many different farm animals up in the fluffy clouds.  But watch out, for these cloud animals are creating quite a ruckus.

Next, the children will enjoy hearing a flock of sheep grazing in the pasture.  Did they also hear the wind?

Then along comes the amusing story of CLYDE, the Horse who can’t seem to keep out of trouble when he visits an old town out West.  During this interactive story, several young children will be invited to join the musicians on stage and they will play some very unusual instruments provided by the KeyWinds Trio (no previous musical experience necessary).

It has really been an exciting day at the farm but before everyone heads home they get to clap and stomp to the arousing finale which finishes the show with a holler!

All of the material in A DAY AT THE FARM show has been child-tested and is guaranteed to please children aged four to fifteen but will be enjoyed by all those who are young at heart!  The descriptive music has been written to enhance the exciting stories and poetry by complementing the action and moods.  Your listeners will be completely captivated as they listen to the wonderful original music and engaging narration!

The show is one hour in duration.