yvonne, list of works - orchestral

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1.   Endless... (2004) for Orchestra – 5 minutes  

      Single movement work that endeavours to musically create an impression of endlessness.

2.   Illuminations (2003) for Orchestra – 6 minutes

      The musical equivalent of a sunrise where progressive visual intensity is emulated through continual thickening of

      orchestral texture and expansion of range and dynamic.

3.   Rain Dance (2003) for Orchestra  – 6 minutes

      Single movement depicting the rain and an ensuing energetic dance.

4.   Grinding Steel (2002) for Narrator and Orchestra – 7 minutes

      A very effective combination of spoken poetic voice and descriptive orchestral music.


5.   Reflections of Nature (2000) for Orchestra – 13.5 minutes

      Two movements: highly descriptive music represents the forests (texturally) and then the rivers (rhythmically).

6.   Mirrored Maze (2000) for Orchestra – 9 minutes

      Energetic single movement work which musically explores the features of reflection through melodic, harmonic, and

      rhythmic means.

7.   Dichotomy (1999) for String Orchestra – 9 minutes

      Two movements of opposites; the first highlights slow, somber, emotionally charged music while the second focuses

      on energetic, light-hearted music.

8.   Serastro (1998) for String Orchestra – 13 minutes

      An exploration of the timbres, articulation, and characteristics of the string orchestra while exploiting a variety of

      contrasts and antiphonal techniques.